What does "self-pay" mean?

"Self-pay" means that we work directly with patients and prescribers, without influence from insurance companies. For our community, this means our prices are often significantly less than the cash prices offered by other pharmacies.

It also means that all consumers are charged the same price on prescription drugs!

We are transparent in the pricing of the medicines we provide, visit our price checker to see a list of Freedom Pharmacies' top requested prescription drugs

The Benefits

  • Saves time and money for many patients on generic drugs
  • Eliminates the need for any pharmacy "discount card"
  • No middle-man insurance company interference
  • 100% transparent pricing of prescription medications

Is this for me? 

Call us today to schedule a free consultation to assess your needs and how Freedom Pharmacy can help you. Insurance can be a nightmare for some patients and we want you to feel 100% confident in your care at Freedom Pharmacy.


Self-pay doesn't mean just cash! We accept all major credit cards as well and Health Saving Accounts (HSA). Check out our Price Checker to see how much you could save!

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